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Airpura UV614 Germicidal SuperHEPA Air Purifier

Airpura UV614 SuperHEPA Air Purifier Kills Germs and Removes Particles (Dust, Dander, Pollen) and Odors (Food, Smoke, Pets)

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Overview of the Airpura UV614 SuperHEPA Germidical Air Purifier

Airpura UV614 3 levels of filtration for pathogens,
chemical vapors, and particles

The Airpura UV614's 20-watt, 17-inch ultraviolet bulb is effective in destroying pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. According to the Environmental Protection Agency:

Mold, dust mites, pet dander, and pest droppings or body parts can trigger asthma. Biological contaminants, including molds and pollens can cause allergic reactions for a significant portion of the population. Tuberculosis, measles, staphylococcus infections, Legionella and influenza are known to be transmitted by air.

The UV614 also has a medical grade true SuperHEPA filter to capture particles such as dust, dander, and pollen as well as a large amount of high-quality activated carbon to remove household odors (including mildew) and some chemicals.

The UV614 can be customized to meet almost any need. If desired, the carbon in this model can be upgraded to the Enhanced SuperBlended carbon found in the V600 or F600 to increase the capacity to remove VOCs such as generated by paints and paint strippers, pressed wood, rugs, and furniture. The UV614 can even be retrofitted to add the TitanClean photocatalytic oxidizer that is found in the P600 series.

UV614 for Pathogens
  • UV Germicidal lamp sterilizes antigens, pathogens and mold spores as they are trapped on the filters
  • 17 inches germicidal surface U shaped lamp: 2 times the length of other makes and 2 times as effective
  • Activated Carbon and Hepa filters filter airborne chemicals, odors and particles
  • Effective for up to 2000 sq ft
  • 22" high, 15" wide
  • 18lbs Enhanced impregnated carbon
  • 40 sq ft SuperHEPA filtration surace
  • Can be retrofitted with the TitanClean photocatalytic oxidizer found int he P600 series.
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