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The Nilfisk GM80 with Varible Speed Control

The Museum Vacuum Cleaner

Nilfisk GM80 used by library worker

The Nilfisk GM80 with Variable Speed Control is a specialized version of the GM80. With ths congiguration, the operator can vary the vacuum motor speed to adjust the vacuum suction. A simple turn of the dial will adjust the airflow from 0 to 87 cfm, or 0 to 100% of machine power, and every increment in between.

This option is ideal for general cleaning around delicate museum artifacts, as well as rare books and manuscripts found in many libraries. This version of the GM80 is ideal for gentle cleaning of collectibles, antiques, heirlooms, artwork and other fragile objects.

Nilfisk GM80 used in pharmaceutical applicationEqually suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, the Variable Speed Control allows collection of residual tablet powder without disturbing the tablets. With the added versatility of the Variable Speed Control, this vacuum cleaner can be utilized in a variety of hazardous, fine powder or general clean-up applications. It may be used with glovebags of any size without collapsing the bag, or at 100% power it can be used for final abatement cleanup.

Special Features

Features and Benefits

4 Stages of Filtration

  • In the first stage of separation, a 21/4-gallon capacity disposable paper bag captures the bulk of collected debris.
  • Extra-large main filter ensures a steady, even airflow whichextends filter life and eliminates premature clogging.
  • The optional microfilter, a final step in pre-filtration, protects the motor and acts as a barrier to even bacteria-size particles.
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter ensures that 99.97% of all ultrafine particles, toxic and nuisance, are retained - down to and including 0.3 microns.
  • Motor thermal protection device prevents overheating caused by failure to keep filters clean or by accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose.
  • Ball-joint couplings give 360 ° freedom of movement without hoses splitting and cracking, while eliminating knots.
  • Heavy-duty trolley adds mobility. Glides over all surfaces. Detaches for use on stairs.
  • Variable speed control allows adjustment of motor power from 0% to 100%.
  • Includes micro tool kit which enables the smallest crevices to be cleaned. 100%.



Included Accessories

Micro tool kit, Detachable trolley, paper bags, crevice cone, 6'6" plastic hose, 30' cord, 5" upholstery nozzle, two straight steel wands, 3" round brush, combination floor nozzle

Optional Accessories

HEPA or ULPA exhaust filter, 220V available, microfilter, Gore-Tex main filter

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