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NQ Clarifier HEPA air filter with ultraviolet germicidal lamps
NQ Clarifier HEPA air filter with ultraviolet radiation
Looking for relief from sneezing and runny nose, eye and skin irritation, shortness of breath, dry throat and coughing, dizziness and headaches, frequent asthma attacks, allergic reactions, eye and skin irritation, multiple chemical sensitivities and sinus problems? Then let us introduce you to the NQ Clarifier.

The NQ Clarifier offers the most effective air purification system currently available for home and office use. Using proven Ultraviolet purification technology combined with a unique oxidizing media, it virtually eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, particulates, gases, chemicals and other environmental pollutants to provide safe air quality.

Other filters on the market are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Not so with the NQ Clarifier ... it utilizes state of the art technology that is used in major hospitals and labs nationwide.

The NQ Clarifier HEPA air purifier has five filtration stages, including ultraviolet germicidal action.
The keys to achieving ultimate air purification are multi-stage filtration of contaminants, a thorough air exchange, and germicidal UV to combat disease-causing microorganisms. The CNQ Clarifier is based on patented, hospital air purification technology to achieve all these tasks with maximum effectiveness.

Five filtration stages clean and purify air better than any other system. The NQ Clarifier utilizes several innovative technologies and carefully selected materials to achieve maximum filtration. Each phase controls and eliminates different types of airborne contaminants. Only the NQ Clarifier can effectively filter gases, particulates, chemicals and infectious bacteria throughout the home, and maintain consistent air quality.

At the first level, a 10-micron, particulate pre-filter captures airborne particles like dust and pet dander. This filter can be easily removed, and should be regularly vacuumed. Next, a patented, specially-blended carbon media absorbs and oxidizes odors, gases and chemicals like formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and damaging ozone. Together, these barriers allow the primary microfiltration media (HEPA) to trap and oxidize particles including pollen, molds, dust and bacteria down to 0.3 microns in size. Any viruses that pass through the HEPA are killed by the germicidal ultraviolet light. Finally, a carbon-impregnated post-filter reinforces the entire purification process.

Five stages of filtration... the prime reason to choose the NQ Clarifier. trapped and destroyed before they can infiltrate your air space.

State-of-the-Art Features of the NQ Clarifier air purification system.
It is a new generation of air purification technology that produces air quality unlike any system before.The state of the art features of the NQ Clarifier include: Photo of the NQ Clarifier HEPA air purifier with UV lamps.

The NQ Clarifier has now become the premier product in air purification, achieving the ultimate elimination of airborne contaminates. Through a combination of multi-stage filtration, maximum air exchange, and germicidal ultraviolet, optimum reduction of a wide spectrum of harmful air pollutants is achieved. No other system for home or office use can kill disease-causing microbes, including tuberculosis, influenza and Legionnaire's Disease before they infiltrate indoor air space.

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The NQ Clarifier HEPA air filter system with ultraviolet
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NQ Clarifier Ultraviolet air purifier fights biological and chemical contamination.  Kills biohazardous pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mold).  HEPA and carbon removes airborne particulates and chemicals.  Fight bioterrorism.

Good for usage in convalenscent homes, nursing homes, preschools, (pre-school).  Reduce threat of diseases in people with cystic fibrosis or immune deficiency disease or bone marrow transplants or AIDS.  Fight  contagion from pathagens that cause contagious illnesses. Protect against biological or chemical attack.
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