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Testimonials by NQ Clarifier (not the CARE 2000 distributed by CWR Environmental) HEPA with ultraviolet lights and carbon Air Filter Owners.
The NQ Clarifier delivers clean air for your family's health The air you breathe everyday is irritating, unhealthy and often dangerous. Polluted air is a serious condition that we struggle with on a daily basis. What's worse is the fact that contaminated air is not only an outdoor environmental concern, but a serious indoor health problem.

Naturally, airborne odors, particles and allergens are part of everyone's lives. Food preparation, pet dander, cigarette smoke and household cleaners are contributing factors to an indoor air quality that irritates the senses, and triggers unhealthy reactions. These contaminants are often overlooked as causes for ongoing health Individuals with respiratory conditions, allergies and chemical sensitivity face the greatest risk. They also have the greatest need... for the NQ Clarifier.

Here's What a Few NQ Clarifier Owners
Have Told Us About Their Experience Fighting
the Common Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution:

"Thank you for letting us know about the NQ Clarifier Air Purifying System. We had an extremely pervasive odor from intravenous substances given to patients on the 3rd floor. We felt sure an upgrade of the ventilation system would be necessary, but were surprised and relieved to see that the NQ Clarifier units did the job for a lot less money and effort, We have since placed the units on some of the other floors, and are quite pleased with the results. Thank you."
-J. Kramer, C.O.O.
The Atkins' Center, NY, NY

"We purchased four NQ Clarifier's to use in our adult care home. The health of our residents is very important and very fragile. The germicidal UV lamps to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as the carbon with oxidizing media to eliminate gases and chemical contaminants, impressed us. Since using the units, we have noticed a cleaner, fresher feeling air. Odors are not as prevalent as in the past. With flu season approaching, we are hoping to lessen the spread between our residents and staff. We hope this will be an enjoyable Fall among our residents."
D.C., Vice President
MyHome, Phoenix, AZ

"Within 30 days of installation of the NQ Clarifier, the teacher reported a decrease in allergic reactions, irritability, and increased attention spans of the children."
-T. Feeney, D.O.,
Martinsville, IN

"It has been two months since my purchase of the NQ Clarifier and I am thankful to say two months of less asthma attacks. The greatest personal results I have had is not being awakened in the middle of the night with these attacks and less frequent usage of prescription drug inhalants/steroids. Thank you for making my environment a lot better to breathe."
-H. Scardino,
Sea Cliff, NY

"The Staff and Students here at Visible Changes University are very appreciative of the NQ Clarifier Air Purification unit. This is an excellent unit, especially for the classes that are held where 30-40 students are using high odor products. The units have made the air freer and lighter of odors, particles and chemical vapors, and now we have less complaints of headaches, respiratory distress, etc. A breath of fresh air!!!"
-T. Romeo, Director,
Houston, TX

"The greatest help I have from the NQ Clarifier is being able to sleep 6 or more hours at night and not waking up sweating. I can breathe better, too. Thank you.
Orwell, OH

"My entire family loves your air purification system. We see a difference in the air, plus thank goodness, I sleep better. Truly a great product."
Brooklyn, NY

"One night! It took one night! We plugged in the NQ Clarifier unit at 6pm and by the time we retired for the night at 10:30pm the air was noticeably different. The next morning I felt rested for the first tine in weeks. I didn't have to use my inhaler all night. My husband said, "That's miraculous. My nose is clear. That's better than all the other HEPA's we've have. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It's a blessing."
East Berne, NY

"The NQ Clarifier has changed my life. I live on the west coast and I'm allergic to molds, trees and most San Diego growing things! This unit cleared my 12 x 15' bedroom the first day in 6 hours, and the rest of the condo in one day."
-S.Y., Solana Beach, CA

"Good-bye to dust mites and germs, hello to nice clean environment and health!"
Palmer, MA

"I think the NQ Clarifier is excellent!" -

"It smells really fresh like an apple orchard in the fall. I wish we could get the air outside as clean as inside."

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