IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor

The world’s smartest air quality monitor

Using professional grade sensors, the AirVisual Pro provides real-time, forecast and historical air pollution data for six key pollants: PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, NO2, and ground-level ozone. It also monitors the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Monitor the air you breathe wherever you are

The AirVisual Pro was designed to give you immediate information on the air quality in your home or wherever you travel. The monitor is lightweight and easy to carry so you can instantly see invisible threats from microscopic PM2.5 particles around you and take control.

take control of your respiratory health

Using cloud computing and artificial intelligence, IQAir’s AirVisual Pro air quality monitor learns from your indoor and outdoor air quality readings to provide highly accurate predictive analytics in order to give you alerts, personalized tips, and recommendations to help you breathe the healthiest air possible.

Know before you go

The free AirVisual App includes pollution forecasts, providing 72-hours air pollution and weather forecasts. Use this data to make informed decisions about or daily activities.

On-the-go measurements

Take measurements anytime, anywhere using AirVisual Pro’s internal battery and data-storage capability. Download your data wirelessly, or access it through via the AirVisual website or mobile app for analysis.

Smart-home integration

AirVisual Pro Features If This Then That (IFTTT) Compatibility

Link your AirVisual Pro with all your connected home technology. Set up alerts about air quality changes for your smartphone. Take immediate action when air quality does not meet your standards.

Create your own clean Smart Home

You can even create your own IFTTT applets to help make your home the perfect clean air sanctuary. Go to ifttt.com/IQAir to see all applets available for the AirVisual Pro, or create your own so that indoor conditions are always just right.

Summary of Iqair airvisual air quality monitor features

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