IQAir Atem Desktop Air Purifier

Pure Air Made Portable

IQAir transformed its patented technology so it can be taken anywhere.

Your Atem’s PureJet diffuser allows you to create a clean air bubble where you need it most — your bedroom, desk, hotel room, or anywhere else you go.

While some room air purifiers may take hours to clean the air, the Atem immediately delivers clean air to  your breathing zone. Direct the PureJet diffuser and blanket yourself in pure air.

The IQAir Atem is so compact, it easily fits in your carry-on.

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Features of the Atem Desktop Personal Air Purifier

HyperHEPA Filter: Atem’s HyperHEPA filter traps pollutants as small as .003 microns. Particles captured include coarse dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, and ultrafine particles.

Portable, Modular Mounting: The Atem Desk air purifier can be placed on any flat surface. The free rotation around its central axis allows it to direct air at multiple elevations. The precision-cast stand is removable for easy transfer.

PureJet Diffuser: The diffusion delivers maximum clean air to your breathing zone, blanketing you instantly in pure air. The ability to aim clean air at multiple elevations makes the Atem purifier perfect for desks, nightstands, and tables. Clean air can be continuously delivered while or sleep or work.

LED Indicator: LED lights indicate fan speed and filter replacement status. Light intensity can be adjusted by the user.

Silencer: A built-in silencer ensures quiet operation. Maximum airflow and high performance is guaranteed while never generating noise about 44 decibels.

Advanced User Interface: Sensors respond to your touch, turning the Atem on, off, and changing fan speeds. The size of the blue light tells you the fan speed. After the third fan-speed level, a single touch will turn it off.

The Atem App

The IQAir Atem App unlocks extra features for your Atem personal air purifier. The Atem can be synced with your mobile device, enabling you to turn your Atem on and off, as well as control the fan settings.

The IQAir Atem app also allows you to customize the airflow, light settings and audio feedback. The app tracks filter life and notifies you when it’s time to change. To save energy and preserve filter life, the proximity sensor signals your Atem to turn off when you walk away.

Models of the IQAir Atem Desktop Series

The Atem Desk air purifier is a very portable personal filtration system that lets you create your own personal clean air zone. The HyperHEPA filtration technology enables the Atem Desk unit to effectively filter air to 0.003 microns.

Accessories include a sturdy carrying case, battery pack, and additional parts that turn the Atem Desk air purifier into the Atem Car air purifier.

The Atem Desk comes in either black or white.


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