Austin Healthmate Models

Why to Choose the Austin Healthmate

Whether the problem is dust mites, dog and cat dander, bird powder, pollen, mold spores, or any of the thousands of other irritants in the air, this air filter traps 99.97% of offending particles that are at least .3 microns in size that provoke allergic reactions in many people.  For comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 300 times too large to penetrate a HEPA filter. Gases, particularly the volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, are as much of a risk to our health as airborne particles. These gases are dispersed from cleaning solutions, carpets, building materials and many chemicals commonly used around the home.Formaldehyde is the chief concern among the VOC’s, as it is so widely used. Its effects show up normally in itching of the eyes, ears and the throat, but it is implicated more seriously as a carcinogen.Austin Air Cleaners have the highest levels of gas and odor filtering materials available, although with different blends of carbon and minerals.  The Healthmates are effective in removing dangerous gases like formaldehyde as well as typical household odors associated with tobacco smoke, cooking, pets, and mildew.

Whisper Quiet Operation:

The Austin Air cleaner whispers in operation. The motor is especially designed for quiet operation. With the vibration-free welded steel body, the unit runs with a gentle, background hush. The only sound you will hear is moving air. Even on high setting, some people report that it is an aid to sleep.

There is Virtually NO Maintenance Required!

Because you will not need to change filters for five years, you will not be constantly concerned about the filter-changing schedule. Nor will you be opening and closing the case and handling messy filters all the time.

The only maintenance required is to occasionally vacuum the air filter case from the outside. This will remove the larger particles that are trapped by the pre-filter. When you finally do replace the HEPA and carbon/zeolite drum, you’ll easily remove the bottom plate, let the old filter and prefilter drop out and then slide the new ones in place. That’s all that’s required for five years of clean air.

No Need to Buy and Replace Anything For Five Years!

Unlike other air filters, the Austin HealthMates comes with enough filtration material to last for five years of normal residential usage. This means there will be no costly HEPA filters, carbon filters, or pre-filters to buy. Other brands require filter changes as frequently as every three months. Lesser quality air filters actually end up costing you more.

5-Year Pro-Rated Filter Warranty

Austin Air offers a 5-year pro-rated filter warranty, by far the most comprehensive in the industry. Austin Air filters are designed to last for an amazing 5-years under normal residential use. In the event that you require a filter change within the warranty period, you will receive a prorated discount based on the amount of time left in the warranty.


Available in Seven Models – Four Filter Types and Two Sizes

All of the Austin Healthmate air purifiers contain medical grade True HEPA filters and are excellent choices for people suffering from allergies caused by dog and cat dander, bird powder, mold, dust and dust mites, pollens, and similar irritants. The HealthMates’ true HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particles greater than .3 microns from the air, so you will experience relief from coughing and stuffed up noses due to allergies.

There are two sizes of the Austin Healthmate line. The standard size units (the Healthmate, Allergy Machine, Pet Machine, the Healthmate Plus, and the Bedroom Machine) will clean an area up to 1,500 square feet, while the smaller units (the HealthMate Junior, Allergy Machine Junior, Healthmate Junior Plus, and Baby’s Breath) will clean up to 700 square feet.

The difference between models is size and the particular blend of carbon it is configured with.


Standard Size Models

The Austin Air HealthMate was designed to address everyday air quality concerns. Its medical grade HEPA filter removes a wide range of airborne particles while its 15lbs of carbon blend captures chemicals, gases and odors.  For residential or light commercial use. Cleans multiple rooms.  Learn More

The HEGA version contains the same superior HEPA filter as the standard Healthmate, but the carbon component utilizes a dustless carbon cloth to absorb odors. The newer technology provides a greater surface area of carbon and should last even longer than the original model even though it weights less.    Learn More

Specifications are identical to the standard HealthMate, except for additional filter treatment to give higher effectiveness rating in removal  of a wide range of gases, chemicals, VOC’s and formaldehyde. This broad-spectrum adsorption makes it the best choice for people exposed to smoke from wildfires and people living close to busy highways.  Learn More 

Specifications are identical to the standard HealthMate, except that it contains both the military-cloth carbon that is found in the Allergy Machine in addition to the fifteen pounds of granulated carbon found in the Healthmate. This five-stage air cleaner is recommended for use in bedrooms to remove irritants that can negatively impact the ability to sleep.    Learn More

Junior Size Models

Austin Healthmate Junior Air Purifiers have been temporarily discontinued due to high demand for standard models during the Covid pandemic. Replacement filters for the Junior models are available.

This model has the same filtration system as the Austin Allergy Machine Junior but comes in colors that are ideally suited to the nursery or child’s bedroom. Choose either Baby Pink or Baby Blue.    Learn More

The Junior models are approximately half the size of the Standard models and cover a smaller area. These air purifiers work well in bedrooms. The Junior looks like the full-size air purifiers, but does not have wheels.

Identical to the Austin Healthmate HM400 except for size and filter capacity. Primarily for cleaning single rooms. Light enough for travel. Portable; can easily be moved from room to room.  We recommend this model when you need to filter a single room.    Learn More  

This model is very similar to the original Austin HealthMate Junior except that it contains the new HEGA filter with the improved carbon system. This is the same kind of filter found in the Austin Allergy Machine described above.   Learn More

Specifications are identical to the standard HealthMate Plus, except for amount of carbon and area covered.  We recommend this model when you need to filter a single room and want enhanced absorption of chemical fumes in addition to household odors.    Learn More

Colors and Finishes

All of the Austin air purifiers come in a choice of white, sandstone, black, and midnight blue. The Baby’s Breath models are available in pink and blue.


Low gloss textured black. Sleek and contemporary.


Matte high-texture, natural sand color earth tone. It is off-white with a little gray. A popular choice.

Baby Blue

The Allergy Machine Junior is available as the Blue Baby’s Breath.

Baby Pink

The Allergy Machine Junior is available as the Pink Baby’s Breath.

Have Questions or Need Advice?

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