Air Care's Kool-Wrap

Prolong the Life of Your HVAC System while Saving Money on Maintenance and Energy Bills.​


Air-Care’s Kool-Wrap electrostatic filter keeps out outdoor contaminants that get pulled into your system’s air intake. This is important since the more an outside air conditioner unit collects dirt, bugs, leaves and other debris, the more clogged it will become and the harder it will need to work. Consequently, a clogged unit will perform less efficiently and cost more to maintain. Preventing the condenser and coils from becoming clogged can save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills and repairs.

product description:

The Kool-Wrap Air Conditioner filter is an inexpensive way to protect all outdoor air conditioning units from harmful debris. The Kool-Wrap filter covers your HVAC unit, blocking outdoor particulates such as bugs, leaves, pollen, construction dust and similar contaminants.

The Kool-Wrap Air Condition filter is cost-effective and is made with material that is UV protected and easy to clean.

The Kool-Wrap is available in a universal, cut-to-fit style. Kool-Wrap measures 39”x145”, shipped lightly folded in a 20″x20″x1″ box, and comes with 3 strong magnets for secure placement.

Enable your outside air conditioner to run at the highest efficiency and lowest cost.


·         Longevity:  Protecting your unit from airborne particulates increases the longevity of the unit by reducing unnecessary strain on the HVAC system.

·         Lower Maintenance: Keeping external debris out of your HVAC system will result in reduced maintenance, repairs, and coil cleaning costs.

·         Energy Efficiency:  Clogged air conditioner fins restrict air flow which means lost cooling efficiency. Protecting compressors from outside contaminants results in lower energy costs.

·         Improved Air Quality: By maximizing the air flow in your home or work by using the Kool-Wrap electrostatic filter, you improve air quality and reduce exposure to harmful bacteria.

·         Pollution: Kool-Wrap can be especially helpful in areas with higher levels of pollution. Homes, offices, and schools near freeways and high traffic zones will benefit from a cleaner and more cost-effective ventilation system.

·         Easy Installation:  The Kool Wrap filter is securely attached to your HVAC system with three strong magnets. Simply wrap the Kool Wrap filter around the AC unit, allow 2 extra inches when measuring. Trim off the excess material and secure with included magnets. Trim off excess filter material with scissors.

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