Airpura Air Purifiers

All Airpura models have been developed to meet a wide range of personal and environmental needs. The units are configured with different types and amounts of HEPA or SuperHEPA material (for particle removal) and carbon (for odor and chemical abatement). In addition, UV bulbs and the TitanClean photocatalytic oxidizer can be added for enhanced performance.

Each model is manufactured with a quiet, energy-efficient motor that moves an impressive amount of air. The 600 series models deliver 540 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow, enough to clean an area up to 2,000 sq ft. The 700 series air purifiers deliver 635 cfm which can clean up to 2,500 sq ft. The new 400 series deliver 535 cfm and clean up to 100 sq ft.

Airpura offers free-standing room models as well as Whole-House models. The room air purifiers (shown below as HEPA and SuperHEPA) are portable models that can be moved from room to room if needed. The Whole-House unit attaches to the central air system and will clean the entire home. Most models are available with either HEPA or SuperHEPA particle filters and with a variety of carbon filtration that can address virtually any air quality issue.

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Airpura Models

Airpura HEPA

Room Air Purifiers

All Airpura HEPA air purifiers contain either a full medical grade HEPA filter with 40 sq ft of filtration material or a HEPA barrier. The 600 and 700 series units are configured with 18lbs or 26lbs of carbon. The 400 series has an 8lb carbon filter.

Airpura SuperHEPA

Room Air Purifiers

Airpura air purifiers that contain the full HEPA filter (rather than the HEPA barrier, can be upgraded to utilize the SuperHEPA filter. HEPA, by law, must remove 99.97% of particles greater than .03 microns.  The SuperHEPA filter removes 99.99% of .03 micron particles.

Airpura Central Air

Whole-House Air Purifiers

Clean air is passed through your heating and cooling system and supplied back into your home. Since most of the configurations of the HEPA and SuperHEPA models are available in the Whole-House system, it is easy to provide the best match for your environment.

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